Xan Adrenalini is the Main character from the series. He is voiced by Dan Chambers.

History Edit

The showman of the brothers, Xan is the oldest of the brothers and acts as their leader who is constantly trying (and often failing) to keep the other two out of mischief. He has a large ego and is dreaming up new stunts to make his fame. Xan also has an eye for the ladies, and has made a lot of unsuccessful attempts to woo the many females he has encountered in his travels. Although not all attempts are unsuccessful, all of them end with either Xan or the lady being rejected for some very odd reason(usually Xan finds out that the female is either ugly or a man). As a stunt man, Xan's contribution to the team seems to be as an escape artist, an ability that has served him quite well when he's accidentally ended up on the wrong side of the law. In fact, he has effortlessly evaded or escaped police on several occasions. Xan can always be seen wearing his trademark sunglasses (which were given to him by the Réndøosîan prime minister in honor of his excellent hair) and while he prefers to wear them to look cool, Xan is blind so they also happen to be prescription lenses. Without them, Xan can hardly see anything. His biggest ambition is to launch himself into the centre of the sun inside a rocket. Xan's darkest secret is that he pretends to know where he's driving the Stunt Bus but honestly, he doesn't have a clue where he is going. His worst habit is making his little brother Enk do the most dangerous stunts.