Enk is the youngest (and also the tiniest) of the Adrenalini brothers. Enk is a small, sausage-shaped fellow with long whiskers and tiny limbs. His role in the stunts is generally that of being tossed into the air by Xan. This treatment has made Enk a rather worrying little fellow. His trademark is a high-pitched "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" whenever things go badly wrong. His small size makes him more perceptive to the dangers around him which tends to make him the voice of reason on the team (particularly whenever Xan's ego and/or ambition runs away with him). Due to his worrying, Enk is no coward. He has a strong sense of justice, and is usually the first one to take on the villains, even if he's alone. He also has a rather notable temper and can become quite vengeful if provoked. He has a weakness however, in fact, more than one weakness; one of them being that he likes anything shiny, but very often, this leads him into "borrowing" shiny things which don't belong to him (like trophies, for example). Enk's darkest secret is he used to learn English by watching BBC World Service at night.Another weakness of his is that he can't resist opera singing, as evidenced in "Voices of Madness". His signature stunt is Cannons of Chaos.