The largest and strongest of the brothers, Adi is more or less an overgrown child and he has a very mischievous streak to him. He is usually called upon for those stunts which require his great strength, although he has also performed extremely acrobatic feats, showing that he is far more agile than a man twice his size has any right to be. He is very easily amused and very often laughs merrily at his brother's misfortunes, so much to their annoyance. Totally devoted to his brothers, Adi will merrily go along with any idea Xan comes up with, until something trivial inevitably distracts him. With the ability to uproot trees and even lift elephants, one would think that Adi would be quite fearless. But in truth, he doesn't have a lot of confidence in his own abilities ithout at least one of his brothers present to show support for him. In fact, when he is all alone, he becomes quite nervous and scared. He is most notably recognized by his enormous bushy moustache, which can actually grow back within minutes if he ever loses it (apparently, Xan has already shown that he can grow his moustache back almost as quickly).His worst habit is that he farts when he bows to the audiance. Adi's biggest ambition is that he wants to jump off the Eiffel Tower into a giant trifle.( Xan's name for this stunt is the Trifle Tower).His signature stunt is Donut Inferno, where he eats a giant donut with fire on it. Adi's darkest secret is that he is terrified of clowns.